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Welcome to the new era of hyper-specific property search based on architectural style, design features and more.
Never before has property search been so accurate and intuitive.

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AI-powered property listings engine

Matching buyers & properties through cutting edge technology

PropertyPath is the most direct route helping your buyers find their perfect property, through our collection of niche-specific real estate search networks, tailored to the particular tastes, preferences and needs of each customer profile.

The magic is in our AI-powered filtering technology that reads property listing images to sort and accurately curate listings based on surprisingly human search criteria. For the first time, would-be buyers can instantly comb through previously impossible volumes of listings in order to find matches based on elements like the architectural style of a property's facade, or the colour of its kitchen. The future of real estate search has arrived.

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Browse PropertyPath's networks

We've acquired the following key web properties to fuel the scaled roll-out of our proprietary real estate search platform.

Leveraging Proprietary Technologies

Big Data

Unmatched volumes of housing market data supplied by our partners at Insightt.

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Listings Collection
Hyperlocal Area Pages
Property Valuation

AI-based property valuation algorithm, providing more accuracy than has ever been possible before.

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Photo-Based AI

Mass machine-learning scans of enormous volumes of listing photos, with shockingly precise results.

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Listings Collection
Hyperlocal Area Pages
Exterior Property Styles

Software so smart that it can sort and filter listings based on architectural elements such as the style of a property's facade.

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Interior Property Styles

Interior features matter to buyers, and we've made them searchable for the first time using our AI - a never-before seen level of search filtering.

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Listings Collection

Featured Listings

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Here at PropertyPath, we're raising capital to fuel the scaled rollout of our proprietary real estate search technology solutions.

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